“The reality that architecture creates can, is the room "

Gerrit Rietveld


Living and living in an alpine context. The embedding in the Tyrolean mountain panorama with a view of the Horn of Kitzbühel and the Wilder Kaiser in the background lets you wake up every morning with a good feeling. The sun shines in your apartment, you can enjoy the tranquility in an alpine-modern, but simply Nordic ambience. Natural materials, local ties from production to daily experience paired with high-tech. You cannot expect more when you want to switch off from the daily grind and wake up in the alpine wellness ambience. You don't just buy an apartment, you buy a lifestyle. In addition to high residential building standards, we offer you optional special equipment that combines high and low tech. Fastest fiber optic internet, web-based access and apartment control, coworking space, wellness and fitness facilities of the latest standards combined with building products, textiles, cosmetics from local production. Here you are very close and yet connected to the world. A work balance between work and relaxation can be achieved here. You have it in your hand. We have the solution.


In addition to the extraordinary architecture, a “Project environment” is only complete thanks to the high-quality and stylish furnishings.

We want you to feel 'at home' in your new home from the very first day, and we do everything in our power to create an optimal, comfortable climate for you in your apartment.


FW 5 GmbH & Co KG

Maria-Theresien-Straße 18
A – 6020 Innsbruck


UMFELD architectural

Maria-Theresien-Straße 18
A – 6020 Innsbruck


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